Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sambo's Sweet Feet

What do you get a little man that pretty much has everything? Being the younger brother that he is, it's hard to think of anything that he actually might need and/or want. Especially due to Ben being completely pimped out in the toy department. He's getting a sandbox from Gigi/Poppy and new swings from Nana/Papa John, but from us...his parents? I've gotten him some cool wooden balls and organic stacking cups, but what else? So I was scouring the blogosphere and found these sweet gems! I'm thinking some sweet new kicks should do the trick! Now I just have to figure out his size! Have an outstanding Wednesday!

Love, A

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mama said there would be days like these....

After much thought, I've realized that I need to post this for all those people out there fighting the fight. As a blogger, you obviously just put out mainly the best of you, not necessarily the ugly. I try though to post a little of it all, and be truly authentic about who I am, but I don't ever post pics of my dirty house, my pimply face, or messes throughout our lives. I don't post about drama with family members or my husband or whomever.

But today I thought I would keep it real. As the morning started, I dealt with numerous students with HUGE problems going on. We aren't talking about little stuff like boyfriend crap or what to wear stuff. More like CPS, cancer, shelters, suicide, death,etc. My main advice to all this is to create the life you want for yourself and your kids. Take it

Daily make steps towards your goals. Life isn't what is handed to you to deal with, it is how you let it make you BETTER, never bitter. And most important let everything you do, do with love and for His glory. Especially after seeing the beautiful Guatemalan people, with so very little, they still had the Joy bubbling over in their hearts. It's all and only about your heart. Shine on.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bloggin Lovins

Yes, I'm once again in love with another blogger. She has LOADS of free printables and this cool newletter thingy you can get for $7.95 a month with loads of more printables. She's a mother of four too. She has chevron papers, fabulous prints, and my favorite tags ever. I think I'm giving all the boys teachers one of her printables framed. Her stuff rocks my socks....check it or wreck it sistas. A

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The trunk show on Friday night was a success! Thank you to all who came and a big thanks to Bella Bridesmaids. I was completely humbled to be in such a beautiful shop, next to an amazing Austinite designer, and that so many of my sweet friends came to just see me. It truly humbled me. Thank you.

This weekend we had a blast decorating the house for Christmas. It it bad that I thought we were late because it wasn't the DAY after thanksgiving? John will usually make a lovely comment like, "you know it isn't even December yet?" And I'm like...and your point is?

I love the glow of my sweet little boys faces by the christmas tree lights. It makes me feel and remember the magic too. I'll post those pics later....happy day to you! A

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still Thankful

Due to posting Guatemala pics, I'm just now posting Thanksgiving stuff. It seems I'm either really early for everything or really late. I used to not be that way. Maybe it's just from living with two little men :). Who knows....but without further adieu....

We rented a house out by Blanco and just hung out together, eating, playing, doing puzzles, (which I'm no good at), and walking. Here are some of the highlights from us playing outside.

Nana, Cousin Grace and Ben

This picture makes me laugh. He was of course trying not to smile or look at me.

I loved the random yellow leaf in the midst of brown. I sometimes feel like I'm the random dash of color surrounded by black.

The pic absolutely makes me laugh my booty off. I feel like he's saying ,

"He laaaddy. What you doing?" Isn't his little bod cute?

Christmas card worthy maybe?

Best. Dad. Ever.

This stick is now on our night stand and has been made into a stick "man"

I know you can't tell. But this plant actually glistened. It was glittery in the morning sun.

Hope your day is full of blessings, joy, and simple pleasures. A

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guatemala Pics: Part Uno

Drum roll please......after much delay here we are with some of the pictures as promised from Guatemala. Our sweet friend Nat Player and his son, Cullen, took these for everyone and gave me permission to post them. I didn't bring my camera because I would stick out even more than I already did.

Potter's House, the organization we served through, works with this beautiful community of people that we refer to as treasures. They live and work in the Guatemala City dumps everyday. These first couple of pics are of the actual dump. Notice that in some of the pictures it's hard to tell the people from the trash. This is why so many of the treasures feel worthless. We are there to tell them otherwise.

We had to walk through this amazing old cemetery to get to the dump overlook.

Look at that face...and yes, that's a puppy.

This is how we made cement. Yes, by hand. And yes, not very fun. I have a new and very strong appreciatation for the cement truck with the cement mixed. Cement is not light. And it's not light when you do it by hand either. And it's messy. Can you tell it was hard?

My sweet friend Ali, Cullen, and a young man painting

Teaching a little one to thumb wrestle.

Three of the greatest. Reagin, John, and Katie

Two VERY sassy girlies. Whom I adore.

How they dry clothes. Usually using a bamboo stick.

I'm not sure if these are Mr. Niedecken or Grady's boots. But it's a great pic!

If you feel called to donate, even a little bit please do so. I can testify that this organization does the work of God and is in the trenches. Every penny helps.

Potter's House:

Guatamala Pics: Part Dos

Henry and Kevin...Trouble Waiting to Happen

Good Old fun in a wheel barrow. Henry is racing me.

Me and Jennifer. She was a Lover.

Jennifer and Mr. Niedecken

One of the views of the rooftops.

Two sweet girlies

I think Cullen took both the ice cream truck pics...aren't they great!

The Munoz family that we donated the home to.

As each person started speaking, Jennifer started bawling and just wanted me to hold her. It was truly one of the highlights of the trip for me, that she wanted me to comfort her.

John and I ended up sponsoring her. She was amazing. What's crazy is she spoke Spanish and I don't. We just really liked each other.

This was the grandfather of the Munoz family. He had traveled from really far to be there. He became a believer as he worked side by side to us.

Us laying hands on him while we pray

Sweet Joanna holding a little one for the last time.

Trash piled up, that they either need to go through or has gone through it.

Again, if you for any reason you would like to donate to Potter's House you can do so here.

If you are looking to make good at Christmas time, you can donate a bag of non-perishable goods through them. Thanks for reading. A

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