Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gold Mums's been a bit since my last post due to sick babies. Which is absolutely the pits, especially when they are teeny tiny. Praise God for sweet, awesome Gigi (my mom). Thanks mom, you rock. I couldn't have made it without you this week.
Thus, not much new jewelry has been made at my house, just filling orders already placed. But here are the gold mums....some of the my girls' old favorite stand ins. Enjoy, and happy day to you!

Price: $26 (plus $3 shipping)
92.5 silver post
Dimensions : 21 mm

Monday, February 14, 2011

One hot inspirational mama

(pictures via

While designing various things in my chaotic life (very cheaply I might add), I like to look for inspiration via other people's beautiful and chic lives. I have a massive girl crush on India Hicks. She is Gorgeous, with a capital G, has four kids, numerous houses-all fabulously decorated, is an author, designer, major traveler and the list goes on.

I find her style to be effortlessly chic, beachy, and laid-back. I'm in love. I love the beach, much to my husband's dismay, and find her so refreshing. Once I get my bum-bum in gear and take pictures of all the new spring items, you'll see my inner beachy India taking root.

So, it's official...I want to take a vacation on an island, while being 20 pounds lighter and much, much tanner. Oh-and having long hair. Can you help me please?

Happy Springy Valentine's Day

Monday morning came up and bit me in the bum. It was such a lovely weekend, for Saturday I was super productive and cleaned up our yard to prepare for a spring garden. Ben stayed in his pjs until time to go to dinner, and then fell asleep on the way to the restaurant. We turned around and then he proceeded to sleep in his clothes. Awesome.

I painted a large section in our laundry room with blackboard paint, and then decided to test out colors on the rest of the wall. So-it currently looks quite jacked up, but will be lovely in due time.

Yesterday the Niedecken clan actually made it to church, naps were had, and life was slower. I went for a super long walk with my sweet friend Sharon and upon my return, Ben once again was in the dirt. This time it was in his hair, up his shorts, and Buzz light year was hiding in the mulch. I love that boy.

Ben also had his first experience with a "grinder". Supposedly this is a major thing in boy's lives that I just don't get.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Circles and Circles

Little baby Sam decided it was high time to sleep through the night last night, and this mama is uber excited! Hopefully he'll do it again tonight, but in the mean time here a little something to feast your eyes on...
These little babies seem to go in circles and circles and come in gold plated or matte sterling silver. In addition, I can put a smokey montana shade stone in the middle if you like.

Absolutely fabulous!
Dimensions: 30mm in diamter

Price: $24 (plus $3 shipping)

Smokey Stone

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring Time

Even though the weather outside completely disagrees with me, I'm ready for all the spring time colors to emerge! Here are some little sweet icing for your ears. One stone is pale pink, and the other pale lavender. They are gold plated 16K Gold Plated, with .925 Sterling Silver Post, measuring 18mm x 23mm.

Price: $24 (plus $3 shipping)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cry Baby

These little cuties come in silver or gold, and are quite stunning in person. They say, "Hey! How's it going? Come over here and check me out!"
Multiple tear drops abstractly aranged to dangle just so from your ears. Matte gold plating, or sterling silver. 25mm x 37mm.
Will never ever break your sweet ears out!

Price: $24 (plus $3 shipping)

Metal Type


Hi guys...just thought I'd drop a note letting you know that I made some uber cool springy stuff this weekend and will post it soon. Thanks for your patience. Time is an issue at my house!

Also, for those of you familiar with my stuff and wear it day in and day out, if you feel comfortable, would love to post some of your favorite pics wearing my items. I have some beautiful friends!

Lastly, it was a long night at our house due to one bad dream, another fussy little man, and no sleep for mom. The picture denotes my current sentiments.



Friday, February 4, 2011

White Rose Studs

I decided to post everyone's faves first, thus white studs! Most of my sweet friends adore these and swim, shower, and live in these. The backing is sterling silver, so they won't ever break your ears out!

Price: $10 (plus shipping $3)


These sweet birdies go with just about anything and are one of my top sellers. They always make me happy to wear and a great alternative to the simple diamond stud.

They come in silver or gold plated and are absolutely precious!

Price: $15 (plus $3 shipping)

Metal Type

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