Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Springy Valentine's Day

Monday morning came up and bit me in the bum. It was such a lovely weekend, for Saturday I was super productive and cleaned up our yard to prepare for a spring garden. Ben stayed in his pjs until time to go to dinner, and then fell asleep on the way to the restaurant. We turned around and then he proceeded to sleep in his clothes. Awesome.

I painted a large section in our laundry room with blackboard paint, and then decided to test out colors on the rest of the wall. So-it currently looks quite jacked up, but will be lovely in due time.

Yesterday the Niedecken clan actually made it to church, naps were had, and life was slower. I went for a super long walk with my sweet friend Sharon and upon my return, Ben once again was in the dirt. This time it was in his hair, up his shorts, and Buzz light year was hiding in the mulch. I love that boy.

Ben also had his first experience with a "grinder". Supposedly this is a major thing in boy's lives that I just don't get.

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