Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rainy Rambling


It's cloudy and a little rainy here....and it makes me want to absolutely crawl back into bed and sleep the day away. But as I peruse all the fabulous blogs out there-I am totally and utterly inspired. I am brought to my knees of all the fabulous ideas and visions out there. It always lights a fire under my bum to finish some of my projects, start new ones, plant a garden, spray paint something, revamp some items I already own instead of buying more, etc.

All these leads to a mini "bucket list"

This is just the start....

Grow mermaid hair (hair that covers my ta-tas)
Live in a home with a large wrap around front porch and many mature fruit trees (grow old with my very sweet husband in some rocking chairs on that porch)
Throw an awesome rocking garden party
Live with my family in a foreign country
Volunteer at an orphanage in a third world country
Learn French
Learn the names of 50 flowers
Own an old model land cruiser
Learn to sew a skirt, pillow, curtains
Run a marathon, or maybe just walk a half marathon
Go to coney island and have a coney, and possibly cotton candy
Grow a large vegetable garden, eat from it all summer
Learn to surf, or at least attempt

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