Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some NieNie Love

More blogging love.....Stephanie Nielson is the most amazing young lady I've read about in quite sometime. I've followed her blog for about a year or two (can't remember past yesterday!) and she is rocking.

Stephanie and her sweet family have been through so very much, for she was burned over 80% of her body in a near fatal airplane crash. Her sweet husband pulled her out. They have four beautiful children together and live a fabulous, blessed life.

Her taste is very "anthropologie" and crafty mixed....which if you know me, is my favorite! The pics above are from her recent redo of their basement.
I want that trunk table like no other! It is breathtaking! Check out that amazing birdie chandelier too....and the wall paper.....oh-la-la. She seems to so effortlessly mix patterns and textures....yet it all goes. She is all about the little details, from the funky cabinet knobs, to the little girls aprons with their names on them. Stephanie rocks my world and inspires me to be a better mom and christian. Thanks Stephanie.

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