Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ciao Bella

We are moving next week....and as I look around, all I see is boxes and little messes. All my projects, all my heart and soul went into making this house our home. And now we're leaving.

The move is very bitter sweet for me, for we have raised Ben and brought little Sam home to this house. I miss it already. We never thought it would sell so quickly, but there is so much love in the home....why did I doubt?

The dance moves that were created in the kitchen, the wrestling throughout the house, the running in circles, the mountains of laundry played in, our little garden, the new nursery that I adore, the brand spanking new bathrooms, my new fridge that I begged and begged for, the amazing fireplace where we enjoyed so many evenings, welcoming home Sam, making Ben a big boy room, just watching our children grow....it will all be missed.

One of my very favorite pics....you can see what life is really like at our house...it looks magical to me.

Ciao to Pebble Crest Circle. We love you so.

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