Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well...if you are reading this blog, you probably know me, and know that I love to be crafty. I adore seeing something and thinking, "I can totally make that!" I love making cool cheap art and other odd things. Spray paint is my new best friend. I need to do a whole post on just my spray painting projects. It's really amazing, and kind of life altering (if that's possible).

With my second son, I didn't buy a mobile on purpose, and I want to make it. I of course haven't gotten to that project yet, but this is what I was huh?
This super cool painting would be so easy to make for me. Possibly new house art, with different colors though?

And finally, I love this chair...with just the legs painted. Garage sale find maybe? I love to mix and match our chairs in our house and I adore the look of this chair. It's just the right amount of color for me!

Thanks for stopping by guys. It really shocked me the other day to find out that people actually read this. That's nuts. Thanks for rocking my sweet little world.

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