Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Homes on the Horizon

Some of the homes we are considering need huge renovations, so I'm combing my "inspiration" pics for what I want to create for our family. If I could create any kitchen or bathroom I wanted....what would it look like? I obviously like white washed things with pops of color. I never truly knew this until I seem to be drawn to the same types of things over and over again.

Here are some of my musings...

This bathroom rocks my socks. Love, love, love the bathtub with old timey shower curtain rod. Love the black and white tiles, love the cool shelf with usable items. I think that everything should look lovely, AND be super functional. (Just as my mom!)

don't remember where I got this pic...but isn't it happy?

A lot of the old homes have cool front porches, I love this one and how bright and cheery it is. I would totally want to hang out there!

Both pics are from the same kitchen. I love the garden, and love the use of the peg board for extra storage. Our new home will probably be MUCH smaller and I'm entertaining all ideas for storage. I'm also loving wallpaper these days....who would have thought it? What goes around comes around.

P.S. I've had these pics forever, and I don't know where most of them are from. Thus I'm so sorry if I jacked pics from you and didn't site them. Boo on me.

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