Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Raising Boys

Raising boys is a whole new ball game. As the only woman in the house, you are often ganged up on, and loved beyond all belief. Everyone seems to need you at the exact same time. The plus side is, you feel loved on so many levels. Unconditional, fabulous, deep love. And I would lay down my life for my children and family. They are my everything. I am nothing without our little family.

But, today I was completely, and massively freaked out. I thought that I could handle lots with having two boys, the breaking of my favorite things, the throwing balls and cars in the house and at me, the throwing things on the roof, the weird things they do to everything and anything. But, today Sam fell. Hard. While I was right there.

After I calmed Sam down, we both cried, I consoled him, but then my usual mom instincts didn't kick in. I didn't know what to do. All the boys (including John) stood there in our bedroom and looked to me to know what to do next. Do I take him to the Dr., do I just go with it, do I monitor him....I froze.

He is of course fine, has a big goose egg on his head. I'm thankful, and felt like the worst. mom. ever. I will not be getting mom of the year anytime soon. But, the good news is, as I got to school super late after the entire ordeal, all the teachers were like, "that's part of it." The two individuals that I look up to the most as parents, both said it happened to all their children. Whew.

So I overreacted and it's no big deal. I'm so thankful kids are so resilient. I'm sure the little booger already forgives me, but can I forgive myself?


  1. It happens, to all of us, working, stay at home, boys, girls, doesn't matter - it happens. I've totally done the same thing with Inara, and I've been on both sides of it too from over reacting and taking her to the ER for X-rays (turned out just to be a bruise) to under-reacting and not doing anything (all that crying and fussing for a week - double BAD ear infections, her first ever at 4 months because I didn't put a hat on her while we were in cold Ohio for a weekend). It's part of the job, sometimes you are going to make mistakes, sometimes you aren't going to have all the answers, and sometimes you are going to just freeze like a deer in the headlights and need someone else to help you know what to do - that's why God gave us husbands! Give yourself a hug, have an extra shot of expresso (or some mama juice!) and let it go. There will be a next time, and you'll do it different.

  2. Love you Annie!!!! So wish we lived in the same town!!! You're an awesome mom and friend!


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