Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm a school teacher by trade. I teach some pretty rough kiddos. And lately I've gotten the very best compliments that just make your heart shine. I used to always struggle with whether or not to be a working mom, because I absolutely love and adore spending time with my children. I actually crave and cherish their company. But, as a working mom you feel a TON of guilt sometimes. But not this week.

I was told by my sweet student, "Mrs, have you seen that movie the Blind Side? You're that lady." Whoa mama. Thanks man.

Then, just to hit the whole thing home, after offering money to someone (yes, I do that) she said "I never knew people like you existed. I always heard about it, but never met someone like you."

Thank you to my sweet students for reconfirming why I work day in and day out. You're amazing in more ways than you'll ever know. Thanks for teaching me so many amazing things. You are stronger than you'll ever know.

Love, Mrs. N

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