Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's that time again...

It was almost 100 degrees here yesterday, and it's time to dip in a cool pool, thus bathing suit time. I'm not at all thrilled about getting in a bathing suit, especially after my second kiddo...nothing is where it used to be. But, besides that, he's seven months and some sweet baby weight is still hanging out in various areas. Boo.

I love all the new anthropologie and jcrew swimsuits. Some are so very vintage inspired, and that seems fabulous to me. The old timey ones just seem like they would suck you in better, no cheap bathing suits for this beauty! I need the for-real good lycra on these curves!

When I get a bit older...I think I'll rock that ruffly swim cap as well. They just seem so very fun to me...and no green hair!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I miss my long hair. Before I was pregnant I had almost achieved what I like to call "mermaid" hair. It covers your boobies. I miss the messy bun on top of your head, the going with wet hair and rocking my waves.

Mr. Niedecken was right....I'll regret cutting it....and I do. Boo on me. I know it's something so vain to discuss, but long hair seems easier to me somehow due to being able to just pull it up super easily. I guess there is always time. Long haired chicks always seem so chic....don't you think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Serious Relaxing....bring it on

Love, love, love these little nesting chairs and pods. Would love to nap in the one over the water. How sweet would that be? How did the guy on the water get in there though?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Older

At what point do you feel like an adult? I thought it would be when I graduated college, and was wrong. Then I thought, when you get your first real house. Wrong again. Then I thought, well, maybe when I get married. Nope.

Even after having Ben, I still felt like a kid inside. I think only lately, with both kiddos in the car, and their various bags and such, do I feel like an adult. Or when its ten at night and I've bathed, fed, and gotten them both asleep. But sometimes I look around and think, "Who in their right mind would put me in charge of this?" This is certaintly a mistake!

If I'm in the car alone know I'm jamming out with the windows down singing and the top of my little lungs.

Would love to hear what you think....when did you feel like an adult? Or have you yet?

Happy Hump day, A

Friday, May 13, 2011

Alexander and a no good day

I feel like Alexander today. Boo. It happens, and when it stinks....hard. No sunshiney ladies over here right now. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

My mother's day was pretty uneventful due to all the chaos around us. But the very best thing about it was when Mr. Niedecken, aka my husband, asked Ben (four years old) what his mom is good and bad at.

It started like this...

Ben: Mom isn't a very good driver, is she dad?
John: No, Ben, she really isn't. She runs into things. (I had an accident last week.)
Ben: Yeah, and mom isn't a good wrestler either.
John: Did you say listener? Or wrestler Ben?

Then, the proceeded to find things I'm good at. Here is part of the list that only a four year old can create:

1. I'm good at loving on our dog.
2. I'm good at getting the kids dressed.
3. I'm good at playing with Ben.
4. I'm good at getting dinner done.

John and I couldn't remember the rest of the list. But it was pretty stinkng remarkable how right on he was. Boy do I adore that little man. He is such fabulous company. Even when I'm a bad driver.

Things and clutter

So, while moving our entire lives to a new made me think....what items do I really and truly adore? What can I live without? What is really important to me?

It turns out that the only thing that is the very most important to me is for my boys to be happy and have a home to call their own. (Even if it happens to be an apartment currently.) I had both their rooms set up when they got there on moving day!

All the little details are fabulous.....all the books, little treasures, pictures, and such and make me feel like I'm home, but if I stop and ask myself, "could you live without this item?" The resonating answer is yes. I'm sentimental, but I definitely realized through this, all i need is my little family. I'm nothing without you. I'm lost. Thank you for picking me to be your wife and mom.

Love, A

Trunk Show

Good Morning sorry I haven't had a chance to post lately. WE MOVED! Yeah! And to top it all off, Sam, my youngest, got sick at the exact same time. Thus...blogging fell to the way side.

Here are a few of quick pics I took of the trunk show before the crowds came. I wanted to tell all the ladies, and two gentlemen that came, THANK YOU! Thanks for coming, and thanks for supporting the girls in your purchase. It is all so very appreciated.

They aren't very fabulous pictures....I was in a super big hurry.
Have a beautifully fabulous Monday,

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