Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

My mother's day was pretty uneventful due to all the chaos around us. But the very best thing about it was when Mr. Niedecken, aka my husband, asked Ben (four years old) what his mom is good and bad at.

It started like this...

Ben: Mom isn't a very good driver, is she dad?
John: No, Ben, she really isn't. She runs into things. (I had an accident last week.)
Ben: Yeah, and mom isn't a good wrestler either.
John: Did you say listener? Or wrestler Ben?

Then, the proceeded to find things I'm good at. Here is part of the list that only a four year old can create:

1. I'm good at loving on our dog.
2. I'm good at getting the kids dressed.
3. I'm good at playing with Ben.
4. I'm good at getting dinner done.

John and I couldn't remember the rest of the list. But it was pretty stinkng remarkable how right on he was. Boy do I adore that little man. He is such fabulous company. Even when I'm a bad driver.

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