Monday, May 9, 2011

Things and clutter

So, while moving our entire lives to a new made me think....what items do I really and truly adore? What can I live without? What is really important to me?

It turns out that the only thing that is the very most important to me is for my boys to be happy and have a home to call their own. (Even if it happens to be an apartment currently.) I had both their rooms set up when they got there on moving day!

All the little details are fabulous.....all the books, little treasures, pictures, and such and make me feel like I'm home, but if I stop and ask myself, "could you live without this item?" The resonating answer is yes. I'm sentimental, but I definitely realized through this, all i need is my little family. I'm nothing without you. I'm lost. Thank you for picking me to be your wife and mom.

Love, A

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