Thursday, June 30, 2011


So sorry for the delay of posting! I will be back at the computer shortly and will hopefully post some fabulous things. Happy fourth to you all....smooches, A

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ode to Dads

My bro, dad, and husband...what a crew of awesome men!

Teaching Ben how to skip rocks, so very important conversations being had

Today is my Dad's 60th birthday. We call him Poppy. I can't believe he is 60 makes me ache a little realizing his humanity. He is such a great man and father. He's a beekeeper, sailer, and serious lover of nature. He loves me and my little family from the depths of his soul. I love his hands....they are so strong and soft at the same time. I love how he can tell me he loves me from across the room with a look. I love that he has loved me unconditionally through all the years and has taught it to me and my husband-to hopefully pass it to our boys. I love that he has passed on the trait of fixing everything with a spot of glue to me.

On a parallel note, I just wanted to thank my Mr. N for keeping me so grounded....for my head is usually in the clouds if it weren't for him. Thank you for being the ying to my yang. You are such a great father and leader of our little family. I know the boys love and adore you, as well as I do. Thank you for leading our family in such a gentle Godly way. You are my rock.

Happy Father's day to all the dads out their, and Happy Birthday Poppy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Rules

My absolute favorite....via a cute shop on etsy

I've been struggling with little Benno (4yr old) lately and really considering some family rules to be posted. Some of the above are a print and others are actual canvas. They usually range from $20-$100. I retrieved them via pinterest or etsy. I of course like the first one, because above all, I want my sweet kiddos to have some Jesus in their little hearts!

Enjoy your Tuesday all....I'm planning on going junking later.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kid spaces

Seeming how I have two little dudes....I often think about how to organize and beautify all their crap. Living in a three bedroom, with the boys taking up two of the bedrooms and pretty much all the living spaces, it makes me want to create spaces that I can live with, that will function, and be somewhat pretty. What a task!

I really like all these sweet spaces....some are playrooms, other ones are bedrooms. I just found them lovely and very kid friendly.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Traveling Style

Well...Mr. N and I are very soon headed on a little sweet trip together, and I'm absolutely stinking ecstatic! I can't hardly wait and love to travel. So then, the very light packer in me thinks, what to wear? I'll be gone for two weeks solid, and will be able to do a little laundry, but what I can I throw together that will all go with each piece? I love white jeans and jeggings and light layers pieces....this is kind of what I was a dress or two and a swimsuit. Happy weekend to you all....A

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mrs. Crafty McCrafterson

Sadly, I don't sew, but this doesn't keep me from loving fabric! This idea is so precious for cheap beautiful art for you little ones room. I get tired of art pretty regularly, so I like to spend next to nothing on it. This idea would rock in my son Sam's room when I tire of his current art.

As you know, I adore spray paint, and this pic sums it up. You can take any old ugly vase you have from some cheapo flowers you got, and spray paint them a great color...viola! Easy cheap happiness!

Since I make loads of jewels, I love this cute and easy earring stand. Seems so fabulous!

So lovely, I adore big funky letters in our home, but I love this idea, and it would be easy to paint a little canvas for the letters you can't find.

Would be so easy with multiple canvases, love the different textures

Since I'm officially done with school, and just teaching a bit of summer school, I feel like I have all this time to do some cool crafts. Maybe I should just sit down and have a little drinky? These are all item on my growing to do list that I can do in an apartment dwelling.

Happy Monday to all....I'm looking forward to an afternoon lunch with a fabulous little lady!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

On the Road Again

Is it weird that I love air stream trailers and cute little ones? I want one so badly! Maybe for traveling....but I do adore a really nice hotel.

Maybe just for the backyard, to have a mini-office or studio? I'm completely enamored with them, I find them so romantic for some reason.

They might be hotter than he** though, and that would change my mind. Mr. N and I are headed off the Sante Fe soon and I'm super pumped!

Happy traveling campers....A

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missing Om

This will be a different type of post today, a little more deep. Not so fluffy....I'm not depressed so don't worry your sweet self, just missing some of those old hands.

I love this picture, for I just created some of those little hands. They are usually a bit sticky, can be wet with drool, and always chubby. Looking at this picture makes me realize how sad I am that I'm down to only one grandparent. I was very close to my Oma, and I wish she could have met and kissed my little boys. I'm sure she would have fed them bon-bon's for dinner and blamed the farts on the dogs.

It also makes me realize that my sweet parents and inlaws are all growing older. Remember the other day when I asked, "when do you feel like an adult?" I think I will when my parents are no longer here. It's sad to admit, but I still talk to my mom daily. About absoluetly nothing. I cry just thinking about losing them. Let's not go there....
On another note, I see my own hands with my grandbabies. My hands are rough and not very pretty, for I work very hard with them. They are very strong and not very attractive. But, I look forward to the day of holding my sweet grandbabies chubby sticky hands.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Drink it in. A

Springy Kitchen Goodies

I've found this lovely new website called Pinterest! What an amazing space. All the pics were gathered from them, it's like a huge bulletin board of all the things you love! It makes me VERY happy and I can spend hours perusing through them. Feel free to follow me there.

On another note, I'm loving the fun happy vibe of all these items. They are all sweet white with beautiful pops of color. That outdoor dining room table....I think I might have peed a little when I saw it, it's amazing! Also-I'm tired of all my ho hum dishes. I want to mix them all up, yet for them to all go together. The bad news though, is that I achieve this somehow because I break ALOT of dishes. We no longer have a matching set of glassware. Boo on me. That's okay...these looks give me the great idea that they don't have to!

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