Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missing Om

This will be a different type of post today, a little more deep. Not so fluffy....I'm not depressed so don't worry your sweet self, just missing some of those old hands.

I love this picture, for I just created some of those little hands. They are usually a bit sticky, can be wet with drool, and always chubby. Looking at this picture makes me realize how sad I am that I'm down to only one grandparent. I was very close to my Oma, and I wish she could have met and kissed my little boys. I'm sure she would have fed them bon-bon's for dinner and blamed the farts on the dogs.

It also makes me realize that my sweet parents and inlaws are all growing older. Remember the other day when I asked, "when do you feel like an adult?" I think I will when my parents are no longer here. It's sad to admit, but I still talk to my mom daily. About absoluetly nothing. I cry just thinking about losing them. Let's not go there....
On another note, I see my own hands with my grandbabies. My hands are rough and not very pretty, for I work very hard with them. They are very strong and not very attractive. But, I look forward to the day of holding my sweet grandbabies chubby sticky hands.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Drink it in. A

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  1. Fantastic post. That picture is priceless. And you're totally correct in your assuming when you will feel like an adult, at least, that's when it turned for me. Miss you friend and hope to see you soon! I was looking at a fun and funky kids website today and it made me think of you.


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