Monday, June 6, 2011

Mrs. Crafty McCrafterson

Sadly, I don't sew, but this doesn't keep me from loving fabric! This idea is so precious for cheap beautiful art for you little ones room. I get tired of art pretty regularly, so I like to spend next to nothing on it. This idea would rock in my son Sam's room when I tire of his current art.

As you know, I adore spray paint, and this pic sums it up. You can take any old ugly vase you have from some cheapo flowers you got, and spray paint them a great color...viola! Easy cheap happiness!

Since I make loads of jewels, I love this cute and easy earring stand. Seems so fabulous!

So lovely, I adore big funky letters in our home, but I love this idea, and it would be easy to paint a little canvas for the letters you can't find.

Would be so easy with multiple canvases, love the different textures

Since I'm officially done with school, and just teaching a bit of summer school, I feel like I have all this time to do some cool crafts. Maybe I should just sit down and have a little drinky? These are all item on my growing to do list that I can do in an apartment dwelling.

Happy Monday to all....I'm looking forward to an afternoon lunch with a fabulous little lady!

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