Monday, July 25, 2011


Gotta love the freebies. I love graphic design and can completely admire others fabulous stuff...but woe, don't have the skills to create it on my own. Thus, per some people's request have done another freebie printable for those in my life. Here are some of my fingings...

This website is absolute HEAVEN! You should run out and get new ink for your printer and a good paper cutter and go to stinking town! I am totally using this website to make all my gift tags this out Aunt Suzy!

Thanks to sweet Amy...this website has some mad great freebies. I printed out the chore chart and Ben and I have been rocking it! The chores are ones that we already do, and he does them all week for a dollar. We decided on a little happy face if you complete the task, and a little sad one if not. There was much discussion...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Come one, Come all

(Gold Mums $26)

Small Ferns ($22)

(Big Mamas $30)

For all you sweet lovers of my jewelry....the fall trunk show date has been scheduled! Mark your sweet calanders for November 26, 2011! It will be a ginormous blow out of a show.

Location will be shared later, but for all you gals who stock up on your Christmas gifts, this is going to be the time. I won't have another show this fall.

Have a fabulous Monday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lazy Hair Days

As I've mentioned to a few of is the youtube video via lipstick diaries and papermama. It works beautifully and I highly recommend it! Enjoy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy Hair Days: Part Dos

This is another one of my faves...great with wet hair after an afternoon of swimming and such, or with dirty hair....doesn't really matter.

Happy, happy boys

Being a school teacher, I get my summers off and get to play, play, play with my two favorite little dudes. I don't usually post them, just to keep some things private you know, but thought this might put a smile on your face. Sam, our youngest is cutting teeth. He is miserable and angry. Boo. But, we have found his new love.... We recently found out that little Sam ADORES watermelon. Cheap...check, Messy...check! Cold on my hurting teeth....check!
Ben is all boy all the time. He adores cartoons, playing with cars, and his sweet family. What a light of our life. Thus, I'm drinking these two sweet peas in with all my might. They fill my cup. Enjoy your Monday, we are off to eat greasy cheeseburgers and run like mad!

Sante Fe Fabulousness

Mr. N and I just returned from Sante Fe, which is one of my absolute favorite destinations. It has all the outdoorsy stuff for my hubbie, and all the eating and shopping for me! Here are some of my favorite pics.... I loved this for some odd reason, I know, it's funky, but I still like it!

Selling jewelry, taking a nap from exhaustion. I feel her pain!

I tried to start taking strangers portraits, it's harder than I thought. Because you want to be respectful and still get the shot. I liked this one.

Beautiful church, with the famous staircase

Inside a tree, loved the texture

Love the blue door!

Really great way to incorporate nature in your design

A london taxi painted purple for the hotel. I took this pic for my four year old.

Check out the amazing hanging baskets....these are all over the place and I adored them

An amazing sunset John took at the top of a hill. There were fires all around us and the smoke made a beautiful sunset!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth Present

Sorry for the long delay in posting, for I was in Sante Fe drinking in all the glory that was to be had with the Mr. Personal pictures will be a later post. My family and I watching some mega-amazing fireworks last night on the lake, and it made my little heart shine at the wonderful country we live in! So I wanted to share in the love...

I found this sweet printable today and the link is below so you can save it and print it to your little hearts content. I Heart free art! Sorry about the pic being a bit grainy, the originals are so fabulous, you really should pop over there. Each individual illustration is free for you to download, so enjoy!

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