Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy, happy boys

Being a school teacher, I get my summers off and get to play, play, play with my two favorite little dudes. I don't usually post them, just to keep some things private you know, but thought this might put a smile on your face. Sam, our youngest is cutting teeth. He is miserable and angry. Boo. But, we have found his new love.... We recently found out that little Sam ADORES watermelon. Cheap...check, Messy...check! Cold on my hurting teeth....check!
Ben is all boy all the time. He adores cartoons, playing with cars, and his sweet family. What a light of our life. Thus, I'm drinking these two sweet peas in with all my might. They fill my cup. Enjoy your Monday, we are off to eat greasy cheeseburgers and run like mad!

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