Monday, July 11, 2011

Sante Fe Fabulousness

Mr. N and I just returned from Sante Fe, which is one of my absolute favorite destinations. It has all the outdoorsy stuff for my hubbie, and all the eating and shopping for me! Here are some of my favorite pics.... I loved this for some odd reason, I know, it's funky, but I still like it!

Selling jewelry, taking a nap from exhaustion. I feel her pain!

I tried to start taking strangers portraits, it's harder than I thought. Because you want to be respectful and still get the shot. I liked this one.

Beautiful church, with the famous staircase

Inside a tree, loved the texture

Love the blue door!

Really great way to incorporate nature in your design

A london taxi painted purple for the hotel. I took this pic for my four year old.

Check out the amazing hanging baskets....these are all over the place and I adored them

An amazing sunset John took at the top of a hill. There were fires all around us and the smoke made a beautiful sunset!

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