Monday, August 22, 2011

First Days

It's my first day back at school today...and I'm missing my little men! I adore both these pics for the sweetness of motherhood. For those of you who don't know me, I'm actually a school teacher by trade and work with mostly at-risk seniors (either out of jail, pregnant, troubled, homeless, you name it) and run a teen-mom group.

But, God has been so amazing to me this year for I have P E A C E. For the last five years of motherhood, when school starts back up I go through this horrible, dark, questioning phase of, "Do I really need to work?" "Am I really doing God's calling?" What if this, and what if that. Satan just digs in and starts to work on me in a very serious way.

This year, God gave me the best gift. The answer of YES! I am doing God's calling in teaching my kiddos and yes, I am an even better mama for doing this. Thank you sweet Jesus for my babies, my students, and your answers! What a blessing....enjoy your Monday! A

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