Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Melllllting

Soooo, all my fabulous plans were completely pooped on yesterday. Saturday wasn't too bad, and yes, naps were had. Hurray!

But the downside, is Sam, our littliest man decided it was high time to have yet another ear infection. So Saturday was mostly spent caring for him. Sunday I took him to an urgent care pediatrician and waited, and waited. Awesome.

Then our AC that we've been fighting off and on with, decided it was also high time for to give up. Yesterday's high here in San Antonio was 11o. Yes, that's right. You read that...110. It was in the nineties in our little apartment. We high tailed it out of there, but before leaving we had to pack up everything for the boys first day of school today. So, all my dreams and plans of getting the boys off right, with all their precious goodies, and pictures did not all come to fruition.

Thank goodness for Nana and Papa John in town (John's mom and sweet husband), for we bardged in. The thoughts I came away with was a unit we can do anything and pack up pretty fast. But while packing little boy things up I was also struck with the thought of how many people have had to pack up fast in much more dire situations, like war or weather. How stressful. I thanked God we had a place to go and that our home would be there when we returned.

I also realized that we don't need much. Have no expectations. Family is everything. When we are hot we get grumpy. Those are much less profound I know, but still learning experiences!

Hope your Monday is filled with sweet air conditioned air, yummy foods, and hugs from little dudes. Love, A

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