Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Updates on Projects

As promised awhile back, here are pics and descriptions of various projects from printables and such at my current home/apartment. Please know that it is usaully much cuter due to wall paint color, but being in an apartment, you can't paint...boo.
This is this AMAZING piece I scored free from my sweet friend Kate who had no room for it. It holds our entire childrens book library inside. I love it, much to my husbands dismay, for he has to rehang it at every location and I don't think it's very easy. But to try out our family rules I put them on the blackboard part. I want to be able to edit them for awhile before I actually make a permanent one.

I made the mobile out of these cool butterflies I scored from my mom, they were just on wire and I strung them together and attached them all to a embroidery ring. Then hung it from the ceiling with fishing line. Sam ADORES these and is absolutely mesmorized by them. They gently move with the ceiling fan, so it's super great for him.

All the art was made either by printables or cool scrapbook paper from Target. All the frames are from IKEA, and the big "S" is from TJ Max and I just painted it for the pop of color.

These are two prints I made one day at school when I had extra time. One is done free hand with a sharpie on white poster board. No joke. Then I decided I wanted the exact opposite, which proved more challenging. I started with a white paint pen, and found that I didn't get the solid white look I was looking for. Thus, I cut each little white birdie out one night while playing scrabble with Mr. Niedecken. He takes forever in each turn, so I had lots of time!

I used to have horns over my bed, and decided we needed a change. These are just pretty papersource papers framed. Less than $20 bucks, and hobby lobby frames at 50% off. Cheap! But, the best part is, you can change them anytime and not feel guilty about it!

Another freebie score! In our old house we had this small space that I wanted to create a little mud room effect. This pic is in our apartment, where I can't paint the walls, boo. But I still love it. I took the mirror out and put this sweet frame in, and in a home I actually paint behind the frame, just in that little space, a nice blue color. It makes me so very a happy. It is usually the hub.

This is this cool piece of art that I just adore. When I was pregnant with Sam (9months) I looked around in my hormonal state and realized that I hated our house. It didn't reflect me at all, which we all know, is really big for a woman, especially a heavily hormonal nesting one!

I told John, we either move or I'm changing things. Poor guy. When John and I married I tried so very hard to combine our tastes, his very country (think deer heads, horse paintings, lots of red), and mine was funky eclectic. So needless to say, FAILURE! Thus, the horse came down, and in it's place I made this out of slices of wood that I painted, then arranged, glued and added some more paint. It's all adhered to a canvas. Love it.

This is what I did with some printables! I adore them, and once again, the frames are from Hobby Lobby 50% off sales. Gotta love it!

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  1. You. Are. Amazing! I read your blog all the time, and I just love reading about you, your family, and your creativity. Miss you friend - hope to see you soon!


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