Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where Are You Sweet Fall?

I love EVERYTHING about fall time. The pumpkin patch, the cold weather food, the football, the clothes, the decorations....everything. I want cold weather now please!

I love having the windows and doors open, while the cool breeze flows through the house, listening to football on tv, making chili in the kitchen, collecting acorns and leaves with the boys on walks. Oh how I miss the coolness on my face. I love my skinny jeans with big tall boots and if I rock it right now, I just look a little silly.

The first day of fall is tomorrow...what is the likelyhood of it dropping below 60 during the day? Hope your day is full of joy and blessings, A

Light and Dark

Lately I feel like that all around me is brokeness. It's everywhere. With the believers and the nonbelievers. Everyone's problems are very serious and life changing. I feel h e a v y. I read something the other day, on pinterest of course, about if we threw all our problems in a pile I would gladly take mine right back. How very true.

We are all fighting the hard fight. Be patient with everyone, give grace and kindness freely. Love with all of yourself, I truly want nothing left of me....I want to give it all. My goal today and always is to be a light for others darkness. To safe gaurd my heart, for Christ to protect me from all evil that fights it's way into our lives.

Sorry for the downer today, it was just what I've been brewing on. I promise light and fluffy soon! Have a great and blessed day. A

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy Beautiful

After having two beautifully healthy little boys, my body isn't what it used to be. I have a love/hate relationship with it at all times. I love the fact that I'm pretty strong for a woman (even if Mr. Niedecken disagrees), that my body could grow whole human beings in it, that I can carry mass quantities of boys and their stuff, that it doesn't hurt most of the time, and that it serves me well.

On the other hand I don't like that I have ALOT of extra flabby skin around my middle, that unless you are a size 4/6 you are considered not skinny, that the media is obsessed with thinness, that if I'm really honest with myself....I don't like working out and will avoid it at all costs.

As I logged into Pinterest I was struck with this....and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Her name is Dianne Sylvan and she wrote an entire book on body image and spirtuality a few years ago. I want her joy and happiness about her own body. I've been feeling bummed about mine because I drop weight, then gain it, then drop it, then gain it. I adore eating carbs and my cocktails! At work, there are usually only unhealthy options. Here are a few of her rules listed on her website.

1. You are not obligated to be thin, healthy, or pretty.

2. Don’t talk sh** about your body or about other people’s bodies.

4. Wear clothes that fit.

6. Find a way to move.

7. Stand up for yourself.

9. There are worse things in the world than being fat.

10. Don’t expect to feel awesome about yourself every single day forever.

I know that my body is only of this world and that it's not actually the core of me. But, it does stink when you live in this world and you are judged daily by it. So, for today, I'll try to eat right, move and groove, and be thankful that I even have a working body and that I have food to eat. I won't argue with my husband when he thinks I'm hot. I will be thankful.
To read her whole post see here....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freedom and Adoration

I know this is a bit more random than my usual randomness...but each of these pictures truly spoke to me, and I thought I'd share them with you too. Each one boils up very heavy thoughts and feelings from the depths of my being. I feel so blessed to be able to worship God in our country without persecution. Beyond that, I feel blessed to raise my children loving God as well. I can hear her singing now.....the angels are dancing.This looks like pure, unadulterated happiness to me. I adore this.
Being a baby wearer myself, I adore both the pics of parents doing so as well. I love the amazing fabrics and all their faces. Her strong back, with her precious nugget on it. His happy, beautiful smile. It makes me feel disgusted with myself for buying "organic" baby wraps of etsy instead of just a scarf or piece of fabric. Why do we/I need all this crap? Do we really and truly NEED anything? I am blessed beyond all conception. Thank you God for loving me through my ungrateful and selfish heart. I promise to do better.

All images via pinterest and PS-I'll lighten up tomorrow:)


I'm not actually blue today. Well, except that I don't really like Wednesdays. I just happen to really like the color. While going through Pineterest I saw this pattern and thought I'd share the blue love. I happen to love it on shoes, accessories, furniture, pretty much everything. It makes me super happy.
All is right with our little corner of the world. No one is sick, the boys adore their new school, and our sweet Maddy dog is still with us (we thought sweet Jesus was calling her home last week). Me and the boys drive by our new house daily on the way to school, and we are READY! Hurray for new homes! Hope your week is grand and full of joy!

Kisses, A

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