Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy Beautiful

After having two beautifully healthy little boys, my body isn't what it used to be. I have a love/hate relationship with it at all times. I love the fact that I'm pretty strong for a woman (even if Mr. Niedecken disagrees), that my body could grow whole human beings in it, that I can carry mass quantities of boys and their stuff, that it doesn't hurt most of the time, and that it serves me well.

On the other hand I don't like that I have ALOT of extra flabby skin around my middle, that unless you are a size 4/6 you are considered not skinny, that the media is obsessed with thinness, that if I'm really honest with myself....I don't like working out and will avoid it at all costs.

As I logged into Pinterest I was struck with this....and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Her name is Dianne Sylvan and she wrote an entire book on body image and spirtuality a few years ago. I want her joy and happiness about her own body. I've been feeling bummed about mine because I drop weight, then gain it, then drop it, then gain it. I adore eating carbs and my cocktails! At work, there are usually only unhealthy options. Here are a few of her rules listed on her website.

1. You are not obligated to be thin, healthy, or pretty.

2. Don’t talk sh** about your body or about other people’s bodies.

4. Wear clothes that fit.

6. Find a way to move.

7. Stand up for yourself.

9. There are worse things in the world than being fat.

10. Don’t expect to feel awesome about yourself every single day forever.

I know that my body is only of this world and that it's not actually the core of me. But, it does stink when you live in this world and you are judged daily by it. So, for today, I'll try to eat right, move and groove, and be thankful that I even have a working body and that I have food to eat. I won't argue with my husband when he thinks I'm hot. I will be thankful.
To read her whole post see here....

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  1. love it!
    Also - I think you're nuts, becuase you are BEAUTIFUL sister!


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