Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freedom and Adoration

I know this is a bit more random than my usual randomness...but each of these pictures truly spoke to me, and I thought I'd share them with you too. Each one boils up very heavy thoughts and feelings from the depths of my being. I feel so blessed to be able to worship God in our country without persecution. Beyond that, I feel blessed to raise my children loving God as well. I can hear her singing now.....the angels are dancing.This looks like pure, unadulterated happiness to me. I adore this.
Being a baby wearer myself, I adore both the pics of parents doing so as well. I love the amazing fabrics and all their faces. Her strong back, with her precious nugget on it. His happy, beautiful smile. It makes me feel disgusted with myself for buying "organic" baby wraps of etsy instead of just a scarf or piece of fabric. Why do we/I need all this crap? Do we really and truly NEED anything? I am blessed beyond all conception. Thank you God for loving me through my ungrateful and selfish heart. I promise to do better.

All images via pinterest and PS-I'll lighten up tomorrow:)

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