Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Light and Dark

Lately I feel like that all around me is brokeness. It's everywhere. With the believers and the nonbelievers. Everyone's problems are very serious and life changing. I feel h e a v y. I read something the other day, on pinterest of course, about if we threw all our problems in a pile I would gladly take mine right back. How very true.

We are all fighting the hard fight. Be patient with everyone, give grace and kindness freely. Love with all of yourself, I truly want nothing left of me....I want to give it all. My goal today and always is to be a light for others darkness. To safe gaurd my heart, for Christ to protect me from all evil that fights it's way into our lives.

Sorry for the downer today, it was just what I've been brewing on. I promise light and fluffy soon! Have a great and blessed day. A

1 comment:

  1. Annie, I've missed our deep conversations, friend. I appreciate your post. It is very true and a great reminder to me right now. I miss you very much and pray that you and your family are kept in God's hand daily.



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