Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk Show Revised

Cocktail Party and Sample Sale Bash
Bella Bridesmaid

Dresses by Ciarla Bride start at $20

Annie Camille Studio jewelry starts at $12

Friday, December 2


5800 Broadway, Suite 201

San Antonio, TX 78209

**This will be my only trunk show before Christmas, so come early for best selections.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Old and New

Hello all....after our recent move we are liquidating lots of furniture and household items. It's nuts to me that half our stuff won't work in this new house, but then we end up needing new stuff. Thus, I'm currently looking for a new (or at least new to us) coffee table for our little space. Here is some of my ideas....

Love, love, love this one. But the price tag is much too high. Boo.

Like the double look...

I love the natural elements and the white....but am unsure.

Love the double table, storage, and functionality.

We are currently planning little dudes first birthday party, I'll post pics later. All my family is coming in and I can't wait to hug and squeeze everyone! And for them to all see our new little home. It's not nearly done, but it's us. Hope your day is fabulous....A

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sam is Finally a Number....One!

Today is the day! Baby Sam is officially a number today! It seems like yesterday that I was walking into the hospital all ready to get you right on out of me! You are so very precious. You crawled at seven months, walked at ten months. You have eight teeth and are cutting more as we speak. You LOVE kiwi, blueberries, cheese, and pretty much anything I eat. You adore eating and making little messes. You love to put little things in little places for me to find later. You love the remote, the dog bowl, shoes, and keys.

Your favorite person in the whole wide world is your brother. Your first words were Ba-Ba, then "My Mama." We've had quite the year together. As a family we've moved twice, you have gotten very sick with RSV and ear infections, and we made our first and second hospital visits. You have truly completed our little unit. You already have an amazing sense of humor and love to stick your tongue out and fake cough. God has blessed us so with your presence. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. We love you so baby Sam.....kisses and hugs, your mom

Monday, October 17, 2011


Sorry for the much delayed posting. I've spent this last week working on moving, setting up house, and working out some personal business. I was only keeping my head above my mind wasn't swimming with happy-go-lucky thoughts as it usually is. I was doing good to shower, get lunches packed, and keep kids healthy.

This weekend my sweet Benjamin decided to get his first "pet" roly poly. Her name was Lola. And yes, he named her himself. She feel off the book shelf and toppled to the ground. He proceeded to crawl all over the ground with his little booty in the air until she was found. Then he yells out, "FOUND HER!" And in fact he did. Please know that this is quite the feat because boxes and toys where everywhere, and she was tiny and the same color as our floor. Then, she died in the morning. So sad.

The good news is, the next day in his boxer briefs, a polo, and sneakers with no socks he wanders around looking for more victims. They are currently living on his night stand. Yeah. (not really)

On another note, we have unloaded the last box. We have entirely too. much. stuff. Everything that was boxed up and in storage and that we lived without for the last five months....we do not need! This is why we are having a garage sale asap! Happy Monday to you all.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Really Must-ache

So....if you want to know something odd about me, I'm obsessed with a really good mustache. I absolutely love them. The curlier and burlier the better. If I was to get a tatoo it would probably be the one on my finger. I love it.

Yesterday me and a bunch of my students decided it would be Mustache Thursday. My sweet madre sent me a pack of famous mustaches with sticky on the back. We all rocked them. One dude decided to wear his on a date! It was hilarious to see peoples reactions to them. One teacher though wasn't very impressed. Yes, I know, it wasn't professional, but it was fun to mix things up.

Today is the official moving day for the Niedecken household. Thus, I cannot stay....I really Mustache!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I like to move it, move it

Yes! We are finally moving! Hurray! I have bought and sold many a house, but I am truly more excited about this one than I have ever been. I don't really know why...but who cares? It's OURS! John is steadily building a nursery for Sam while I pack up the apartment when little men are asleep. What a crazy time for my little family, but we are all so very excited.

Maybe it's the fall air? Or the fact that we will have a backyard again? Or that Sam crawls up and down off a little step over and over and over again. I'm downright giddy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet Eko

Growing up, we were raised always having animals. Each person in my family usually had their own dog or cat. We absolutely adore them. They are precious and such a part of our lives that we never imagine our lives without them. My husband and I have had a border collie for 13 years now, Maddy girl. She even went on our first date. We have had a couple of scares with seizures, so we know that we are on borrowed time with her. We feel like we are living Marley and Me with our kids and sweet Maddy girl.

But, yesterday my brother lost his best friend, Eko. It was very sudden and very sad. His little stomach flipped and he just didn't recover. He was a silly, silly man. Eko was a huge standard poodle with a quirky personality. He was hilarious and would kick you off the sofa to lay on it. He tried to hump my son Ben at my brothers wedding. Eko would eat anything, adored Ryane, my brothers wife, and they were a little family the three of them.

Eko, you are already deeply missed and loved dearly. We will see you again my sweet man.
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