Monday, October 17, 2011


Sorry for the much delayed posting. I've spent this last week working on moving, setting up house, and working out some personal business. I was only keeping my head above my mind wasn't swimming with happy-go-lucky thoughts as it usually is. I was doing good to shower, get lunches packed, and keep kids healthy.

This weekend my sweet Benjamin decided to get his first "pet" roly poly. Her name was Lola. And yes, he named her himself. She feel off the book shelf and toppled to the ground. He proceeded to crawl all over the ground with his little booty in the air until she was found. Then he yells out, "FOUND HER!" And in fact he did. Please know that this is quite the feat because boxes and toys where everywhere, and she was tiny and the same color as our floor. Then, she died in the morning. So sad.

The good news is, the next day in his boxer briefs, a polo, and sneakers with no socks he wanders around looking for more victims. They are currently living on his night stand. Yeah. (not really)

On another note, we have unloaded the last box. We have entirely too. much. stuff. Everything that was boxed up and in storage and that we lived without for the last five months....we do not need! This is why we are having a garage sale asap! Happy Monday to you all.

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