Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sam is Finally a Number....One!

Today is the day! Baby Sam is officially a number today! It seems like yesterday that I was walking into the hospital all ready to get you right on out of me! You are so very precious. You crawled at seven months, walked at ten months. You have eight teeth and are cutting more as we speak. You LOVE kiwi, blueberries, cheese, and pretty much anything I eat. You adore eating and making little messes. You love to put little things in little places for me to find later. You love the remote, the dog bowl, shoes, and keys.

Your favorite person in the whole wide world is your brother. Your first words were Ba-Ba, then "My Mama." We've had quite the year together. As a family we've moved twice, you have gotten very sick with RSV and ear infections, and we made our first and second hospital visits. You have truly completed our little unit. You already have an amazing sense of humor and love to stick your tongue out and fake cough. God has blessed us so with your presence. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. We love you so baby Sam.....kisses and hugs, your mom

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