Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet Eko

Growing up, we were raised always having animals. Each person in my family usually had their own dog or cat. We absolutely adore them. They are precious and such a part of our lives that we never imagine our lives without them. My husband and I have had a border collie for 13 years now, Maddy girl. She even went on our first date. We have had a couple of scares with seizures, so we know that we are on borrowed time with her. We feel like we are living Marley and Me with our kids and sweet Maddy girl.

But, yesterday my brother lost his best friend, Eko. It was very sudden and very sad. His little stomach flipped and he just didn't recover. He was a silly, silly man. Eko was a huge standard poodle with a quirky personality. He was hilarious and would kick you off the sofa to lay on it. He tried to hump my son Ben at my brothers wedding. Eko would eat anything, adored Ryane, my brothers wife, and they were a little family the three of them.

Eko, you are already deeply missed and loved dearly. We will see you again my sweet man.

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