Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guatemala Pics: Part Uno

Drum roll please......after much delay here we are with some of the pictures as promised from Guatemala. Our sweet friend Nat Player and his son, Cullen, took these for everyone and gave me permission to post them. I didn't bring my camera because I would stick out even more than I already did.

Potter's House, the organization we served through, works with this beautiful community of people that we refer to as treasures. They live and work in the Guatemala City dumps everyday. These first couple of pics are of the actual dump. Notice that in some of the pictures it's hard to tell the people from the trash. This is why so many of the treasures feel worthless. We are there to tell them otherwise.

We had to walk through this amazing old cemetery to get to the dump overlook.

Look at that face...and yes, that's a puppy.

This is how we made cement. Yes, by hand. And yes, not very fun. I have a new and very strong appreciatation for the cement truck with the cement mixed. Cement is not light. And it's not light when you do it by hand either. And it's messy. Can you tell it was hard?

My sweet friend Ali, Cullen, and a young man painting

Teaching a little one to thumb wrestle.

Three of the greatest. Reagin, John, and Katie

Two VERY sassy girlies. Whom I adore.

How they dry clothes. Usually using a bamboo stick.

I'm not sure if these are Mr. Niedecken or Grady's boots. But it's a great pic!

If you feel called to donate, even a little bit please do so. I can testify that this organization does the work of God and is in the trenches. Every penny helps.

Potter's House:

Guatamala Pics: Part Dos

Henry and Kevin...Trouble Waiting to Happen

Good Old fun in a wheel barrow. Henry is racing me.

Me and Jennifer. She was a Lover.

Jennifer and Mr. Niedecken

One of the views of the rooftops.

Two sweet girlies

I think Cullen took both the ice cream truck pics...aren't they great!

The Munoz family that we donated the home to.

As each person started speaking, Jennifer started bawling and just wanted me to hold her. It was truly one of the highlights of the trip for me, that she wanted me to comfort her.

John and I ended up sponsoring her. She was amazing. What's crazy is she spoke Spanish and I don't. We just really liked each other.

This was the grandfather of the Munoz family. He had traveled from really far to be there. He became a believer as he worked side by side to us.

Us laying hands on him while we pray

Sweet Joanna holding a little one for the last time.

Trash piled up, that they either need to go through or has gone through it.

Again, if you for any reason you would like to donate to Potter's House you can do so here.

If you are looking to make good at Christmas time, you can donate a bag of non-perishable goods through them. Thanks for reading. A

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't Forget

Don't forget about the show this Friday! It's at Bella Bridesmaids shop on Broadway, starting at 5 o'clock, come early for best selection! Yummy cocktails too!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Yeah for Fridays! We are off all next week and are super stoked about that prospect. Lots of playing, snuggles, swinging, walking, and just being. Little Sam gets tubes in his little sweet ears the day before Thanksgiving...and I'm thrilled! Hopefully no more ER visits anytime soon! We are going to the Pearl Brewery Market tomorrow and plan on getting some donuts. Landa library is also calling our names.

On another note....while thinking up Christmas. lists for my family and friends, all I can think of is Guatemala and how little they have. How am I supposed to balance the Guatemalan life and the American one? It's quite the conundrum. Hope your weekend is full of grace and joy. Love and hugs, A

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hi guys...I'm still waiting on pics from the Guatemala trip to share with I will share as soon as I have them! Also, as I peruse pinterest and other blogs, I'm highly considering closing mine. I just don't think that I have very much to share that is of interest to others, and time is also always an issue. It seems that all these fabulous blogs, they usually do it for a living. Well, I don't. And I don't plan to either. Thoughts?

Also, most all of my thoughts lately are going towards making special memories with my little men for the holidays. Or to Christmas gifts. Or to organizing things at home. Or to how to reuse something we currently have and sprucing it up, instead of buying it new. I have all these little projects that I'm doing this weekend and next week due to the holiday. Yippee! Can anyone say A.D.D?

First on the list to tag all those random bins of toys and such around the house so that we can actually find stuff. These below are actually for gifts, but I just love the colors and patterns, so I printed them, laminated them, and are going to use them in lots of places throughout the house. You can get them here: The next project is this cool thankful tree" I've already printed and cut them up, Ben and I will work on this after school. We are also collecting lots of fabulous fall time goodies.

Do you have any great Chistmas traditions that you would like to share? We do the Jessie Tree, go see the lights at the Riverwalk, read Polar Express very often, and lots of other fun stuff. That's a whole different post though. Hope your day is full of joy and blessings, love A

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Back To Let You Know

Hi guys...sorry for the long hiatus. We just returned yesterday from Guatemala. So leading up to the trip last week, I didn't really have alot to say, I was just trying to prepare my children, husband, and myself in every way for what was about to happen.

Simply put.....It was AMAZING. In every way. I knew that it would change me, but I guess you never realize how much it will. We mixed and poured two concrete floors all by hand, and then joined another group finishing out a new home to be dedicated to a very deserving family the Munoz. We also got to go to individual families and be welcomed into their homes and lives. We were privileged to pray over them.

I'll share beautiful, amazing pictures at a later date. They were all taken by two sweet people on the trip. I'm still processing my feelings about the entire thing, so I'll share more later. Happy Monday to you all. Hope it's full of blessings and joy over the simplest things. A

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to you all. Hope it's a absolutely over the top great one! We are packing up all quilts, making some yummy hot cocoa, and putting our little hats on to go watch Toy Story 3 tonight outside at a soft ball field. Tomorrow maybe the Pearl brewery farmers market, and then there is this cool thing called PJs in the park what we are totally rocking! TGIF sucka. Love, A

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bloggin Lovins

As I at times scour the internet for lovely blogs, I am absolutely blown away at peoples fabulousness. Man-o-man some people are so freaking talented! This girl is not! Here are some of the crushin lovins I've been doing as of lately. Check them out and give them some lovins too!

On a seperate note, little Sam's room will probably be done this weekend! Yahoo! We are stoked that he will no longer be waking up his brother in the night anymore with his crying over cutting molars. Boo on not having more brotherly love time, Yeah on mama sleeping! Here are some things that I've been admiring for some time....maybe oh-maybe.

Bought this yesterday! I'll let you know how it is.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Potter's House

A week from today I'm leaving for Guatemala with some amazing people. With all the hoopla of moving and sick babies and such, it didn't really all click until yesterday that I better get my act into gear. We have been praying and preparing, but I didn't realize it's seven days away!

We are going to go serve with an amazing organization called Potters House. Here is an excerpt from their website: "In the heart of Guatemala City is the largest dump in Latin America. More than 11,000 people live and work in and near the dump, and nearly 6,500 of them are children. Even by other Guatemalans, they are treated as little better than the garbage that shapes their existence, which in turn leads them to believe that they are the refuse of the world. Potter's House Association is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to change the living situation for these thousands, because they are human beings, beloved children of the one true God, worthy of respect and dignity. They are Treasures of immeasurable worth, both to our Lord Jesus Christ and to us."

I don't really know what I which team I will be on, but am open to anything God puts on me. If you are a believer, please pray for safety and protection of all aspects, especially the spiritual warfare kind. Pray for our children's safety and hearts. Pray for not-of-this world energy and love to better serve others. Just please pray. If for any reason you are reading this and feel called to donate to this amazing organization please do so here:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Freak Out

Starting off our Trick or Treating Adventure! Mr. Silly

Mr. StinkyHowday Ma'am!

Proud mama of her sweet cowboy

We Love, Love, LOVE Halloween! Free candy, check! Dress up cute, check! Get to stay up late, check! Mama gets to watch scary movies, check! Fall time air, check!

This Halloween we enjoyed our new neighborhood immensely. We started off walking down our own street towards the boys school, to a trunk-or-treat, and then crossed back over down another street. Ben was pretty shy at first, not really getting the whole free candy thing...but by the end, he had it down! Then we put baby Sam to bed and sat out being goof balls trying to give our candy away. We weren't very successful....but we had a great time!

This morning Ben straight of bed, holding a piece of candy, asked can I eat this?

Happy November!

Woodland First Birthday Party

The first birthday party has come and gone, and boy-o-boy am I happy that my little man made it to one! We had another ER scare this week with a 105 temp in very short order, so I'm just grateful that he is here! It was such a fabulous occasion, with everyone that truly loves baby Sam surrounding him. There was of course a couple of people that couldn't make it, and they were missed, but we still felt the love! Thank you to everyone who made the long trip, or short trip....we appreciate it.

A special thanks to my sweet madre who made all the fabulous little treats like little smore owls, carmel corn, mini mice made out of white chocolate and almonds, little meringue mushrooms dusted with cocoa....they were all delicious! Thank you! I couldn't have done all those fabulous things in time!

Also, if anyone was wondering where all the great paper goods came from, I made them from this fabulous website...
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