Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guatamala Pics: Part Dos

Henry and Kevin...Trouble Waiting to Happen

Good Old fun in a wheel barrow. Henry is racing me.

Me and Jennifer. She was a Lover.

Jennifer and Mr. Niedecken

One of the views of the rooftops.

Two sweet girlies

I think Cullen took both the ice cream truck pics...aren't they great!

The Munoz family that we donated the home to.

As each person started speaking, Jennifer started bawling and just wanted me to hold her. It was truly one of the highlights of the trip for me, that she wanted me to comfort her.

John and I ended up sponsoring her. She was amazing. What's crazy is she spoke Spanish and I don't. We just really liked each other.

This was the grandfather of the Munoz family. He had traveled from really far to be there. He became a believer as he worked side by side to us.

Us laying hands on him while we pray

Sweet Joanna holding a little one for the last time.

Trash piled up, that they either need to go through or has gone through it.

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