Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guatemala Pics: Part Uno

Drum roll please......after much delay here we are with some of the pictures as promised from Guatemala. Our sweet friend Nat Player and his son, Cullen, took these for everyone and gave me permission to post them. I didn't bring my camera because I would stick out even more than I already did.

Potter's House, the organization we served through, works with this beautiful community of people that we refer to as treasures. They live and work in the Guatemala City dumps everyday. These first couple of pics are of the actual dump. Notice that in some of the pictures it's hard to tell the people from the trash. This is why so many of the treasures feel worthless. We are there to tell them otherwise.

We had to walk through this amazing old cemetery to get to the dump overlook.

Look at that face...and yes, that's a puppy.

This is how we made cement. Yes, by hand. And yes, not very fun. I have a new and very strong appreciatation for the cement truck with the cement mixed. Cement is not light. And it's not light when you do it by hand either. And it's messy. Can you tell it was hard?

My sweet friend Ali, Cullen, and a young man painting

Teaching a little one to thumb wrestle.

Three of the greatest. Reagin, John, and Katie

Two VERY sassy girlies. Whom I adore.

How they dry clothes. Usually using a bamboo stick.

I'm not sure if these are Mr. Niedecken or Grady's boots. But it's a great pic!

If you feel called to donate, even a little bit please do so. I can testify that this organization does the work of God and is in the trenches. Every penny helps.

Potter's House:

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