Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Freak Out

Starting off our Trick or Treating Adventure! Mr. Silly

Mr. StinkyHowday Ma'am!

Proud mama of her sweet cowboy

We Love, Love, LOVE Halloween! Free candy, check! Dress up cute, check! Get to stay up late, check! Mama gets to watch scary movies, check! Fall time air, check!

This Halloween we enjoyed our new neighborhood immensely. We started off walking down our own street towards the boys school, to a trunk-or-treat, and then crossed back over down another street. Ben was pretty shy at first, not really getting the whole free candy thing...but by the end, he had it down! Then we put baby Sam to bed and sat out being goof balls trying to give our candy away. We weren't very successful....but we had a great time!

This morning Ben straight of bed, holding a piece of candy, asked can I eat this?

Happy November!

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