Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Back To Let You Know

Hi guys...sorry for the long hiatus. We just returned yesterday from Guatemala. So leading up to the trip last week, I didn't really have alot to say, I was just trying to prepare my children, husband, and myself in every way for what was about to happen.

Simply put.....It was AMAZING. In every way. I knew that it would change me, but I guess you never realize how much it will. We mixed and poured two concrete floors all by hand, and then joined another group finishing out a new home to be dedicated to a very deserving family the Munoz. We also got to go to individual families and be welcomed into their homes and lives. We were privileged to pray over them.

I'll share beautiful, amazing pictures at a later date. They were all taken by two sweet people on the trip. I'm still processing my feelings about the entire thing, so I'll share more later. Happy Monday to you all. Hope it's full of blessings and joy over the simplest things. A

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