Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Potter's House

A week from today I'm leaving for Guatemala with some amazing people. With all the hoopla of moving and sick babies and such, it didn't really all click until yesterday that I better get my act into gear. We have been praying and preparing, but I didn't realize it's seven days away!

We are going to go serve with an amazing organization called Potters House. Here is an excerpt from their website: "In the heart of Guatemala City is the largest dump in Latin America. More than 11,000 people live and work in and near the dump, and nearly 6,500 of them are children. Even by other Guatemalans, they are treated as little better than the garbage that shapes their existence, which in turn leads them to believe that they are the refuse of the world. Potter's House Association is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to change the living situation for these thousands, because they are human beings, beloved children of the one true God, worthy of respect and dignity. They are Treasures of immeasurable worth, both to our Lord Jesus Christ and to us."

I don't really know what I which team I will be on, but am open to anything God puts on me. If you are a believer, please pray for safety and protection of all aspects, especially the spiritual warfare kind. Pray for our children's safety and hearts. Pray for not-of-this world energy and love to better serve others. Just please pray. If for any reason you are reading this and feel called to donate to this amazing organization please do so here:

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  1. the post. Been meaning to put something up on my blog....might steal part of yours. I'm looking forward to serving God's children together.


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