Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hi guys...I'm still waiting on pics from the Guatemala trip to share with I will share as soon as I have them! Also, as I peruse pinterest and other blogs, I'm highly considering closing mine. I just don't think that I have very much to share that is of interest to others, and time is also always an issue. It seems that all these fabulous blogs, they usually do it for a living. Well, I don't. And I don't plan to either. Thoughts?

Also, most all of my thoughts lately are going towards making special memories with my little men for the holidays. Or to Christmas gifts. Or to organizing things at home. Or to how to reuse something we currently have and sprucing it up, instead of buying it new. I have all these little projects that I'm doing this weekend and next week due to the holiday. Yippee! Can anyone say A.D.D?

First on the list to tag all those random bins of toys and such around the house so that we can actually find stuff. These below are actually for gifts, but I just love the colors and patterns, so I printed them, laminated them, and are going to use them in lots of places throughout the house. You can get them here: The next project is this cool thankful tree" I've already printed and cut them up, Ben and I will work on this after school. We are also collecting lots of fabulous fall time goodies.

Do you have any great Chistmas traditions that you would like to share? We do the Jessie Tree, go see the lights at the Riverwalk, read Polar Express very often, and lots of other fun stuff. That's a whole different post though. Hope your day is full of joy and blessings, love A

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