Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mama said there would be days like these....

After much thought, I've realized that I need to post this for all those people out there fighting the fight. As a blogger, you obviously just put out mainly the best of you, not necessarily the ugly. I try though to post a little of it all, and be truly authentic about who I am, but I don't ever post pics of my dirty house, my pimply face, or messes throughout our lives. I don't post about drama with family members or my husband or whomever.

But today I thought I would keep it real. As the morning started, I dealt with numerous students with HUGE problems going on. We aren't talking about little stuff like boyfriend crap or what to wear stuff. More like CPS, cancer, shelters, suicide, death,etc. My main advice to all this is to create the life you want for yourself and your kids. Take it

Daily make steps towards your goals. Life isn't what is handed to you to deal with, it is how you let it make you BETTER, never bitter. And most important let everything you do, do with love and for His glory. Especially after seeing the beautiful Guatemalan people, with so very little, they still had the Joy bubbling over in their hearts. It's all and only about your heart. Shine on.

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