Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still Thankful

Due to posting Guatemala pics, I'm just now posting Thanksgiving stuff. It seems I'm either really early for everything or really late. I used to not be that way. Maybe it's just from living with two little men :). Who knows....but without further adieu....

We rented a house out by Blanco and just hung out together, eating, playing, doing puzzles, (which I'm no good at), and walking. Here are some of the highlights from us playing outside.

Nana, Cousin Grace and Ben

This picture makes me laugh. He was of course trying not to smile or look at me.

I loved the random yellow leaf in the midst of brown. I sometimes feel like I'm the random dash of color surrounded by black.

The pic absolutely makes me laugh my booty off. I feel like he's saying ,

"He laaaddy. What you doing?" Isn't his little bod cute?

Christmas card worthy maybe?

Best. Dad. Ever.

This stick is now on our night stand and has been made into a stick "man"

I know you can't tell. But this plant actually glistened. It was glittery in the morning sun.

Hope your day is full of blessings, joy, and simple pleasures. A

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