Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Before Treehouse Lovings

Yesterday when I got home from school, I found my sweet Mr. Niedecken in the stinking rain finishing the tree house. Yes, that's right ya'll....he's all mine! The bummer was that all Ben wanted to do when he got home was to play in his new, fancy, mighty fine tree house. Well, the great news was that the rain didn't stop him. They were both out there in the rain...you know, doing manly things.

All these pics were taken before the tree house was built. Ben would climb up the board and just camp out in the tree with a blanket, snack, toys...you name it. It was pretty grand. But now, we can have a camp out with a sleeping bag in his new handy dandy treehouse. Happy, happy Tuesday everyone! Let your heart shine! A

Monday, January 30, 2012

Comparing to Others

So I've been convicted. I think the main reason why I keep thinking about closing out the blog is because I compare. I compared my blog to other ones...and thus myself to other women out there. Why you might ask would I do this to myself? Because I'm crazy like that. It's torture. I should absolutely not do that. But, when I see that only a measly eight people read my blog in a day, I think, man....I'm really not interesting then.

I have since realized that it absolutely doesn't matter. I do not blog full time. I do not have sponsors. I do how ever have a full time job and two little dudes and an outstanding Mr. Niedecken. This is all I can handle. Yes, there are other people that can do it all, and I am not one of them. I seem to have so much grace for others, but none for myself. So, for today, I plan to extend grace to myself. I am enough.

In addition, it has been said lately by a few of my sweet friends that you think I'm supermom. Let me reassure you that I am absolutely not. I hate doing dishes, I have Melly, the most amazing cleaning lady so that I don't have to. I do laundry and don't fold it. Right now there is probably a wet diaper in Sam's room, yesterday's bottle, all beds unmade, and stuff is probably everywhere. I forget things all the time and Ben tells me this. I lost my freaking phone today! Boo. Thus, for all the other sweet ladies out there with the same affliction as me, let's all stop comparing shall we?

Lost Phone

Well....I think that it is official. I lost my phone this morning. I never thought I would feel so naked without it. I still think it might turn up, I have such faith in humanity, but I'm not naive. All my contacts, pics, videos are gone. Boo hoo hoo. Somehow from the parking lot of my school to my classroom it has vanished. Holy crap. So...if I normally contact you and you read this, will you please email me your contact number. annie.niedecken@yahoo.com

On another note, John created a fabulous tree house for little Benno! It took him all weekend and it is amazing. I'm always impressed with him for the fact that he can envision something and make it happen. What a stud. I did take bunches of pics with my phone, but, well....you know. I'll have to retake them with an actual camera tonight and show you.

The rest of the weekend was most grand. The little men and I had movie night Friday night, Saturday night was spent celebrating Ms. Kate Kadane's big birthday and last night we got to take some sweet friends dinner. They have a new born, and I already forgot how much I love holding a new born. They are so stinking snuggly! I hope your Monday goes most grand! (and better than mine so far) Love and hugs, A

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


John and I are about to build a treehouse for our little men. Well, let me rephrase that, John is about to build a treehouse and I will provide beverages and cheerleading skills. Thus, in the process of thinking through the design, I of course look through pinterest for inspiration...and boy did I find some. Ours will look NOTHING like these, but they were still awesome! Ours will probably be a simple platform, but I do love the idea of having our hammock hanging under it and Christmas lights...and flower planters.

Ben has been climbing up a tree and has been camping out up there with snacks, a little computer, a blanket, and toys already. I took some amazing pics of him this weekend that I will hopefully share with you tomorrow. Happy, happy Tuesday to all my lovies, A

This one is stinking amazing!! How much would you love this one??

Monday, January 23, 2012


"A mountain I'm willing to die on" is her latest post and absolutely rocked me. As a Christian, we are always figuring out biblical things, and as a mother and a Christian, it is sometimes hard to know what the right thing to do is. She wrote this post about homosexuality. Please check it out....it's some pretty profound stuff and she's a great writer. Hugs, A


This Weekend

Gigi came to town this weekend and painted my bedroom for me! Yeah for Gigis! It looks amazing now and just like my style, before it was this drab color of brown. Now it's this soothing blueish shade. She had to prime the whole room too....what an act of love. Thanks mom.

Little Sam has had this narly virus that knocked him completely out so I was no help in the painting department. I of course didn't take before and after pics of the room...I always forget.

On another note, I have been seriously pondering changing the blog over to just jewelry items for sale and/or for orders. When I look at all the beautiful blogs out there....I totally do the unGodly thing of comparing mine to theirs. Mine stinks! I don't always have anything I want to share with the general public. From the few people who actually read this, are there any thoughts about this....or should I just take the plunge and switch? Thanks for the input, A

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Layered Stress Cake

I don't really have anything fabulous and inspiring to share from over the last few days. But, I'm trying to push through the writers block and keep posting. I'm feeling like a layered cake....each layer is a different stress right now. That on it's own is not really a big deal, but each layer just keeps piling on. Thus...I'm in a particularly awesome mood today (totally sarcastic).

Which got me thinking...how do I really deal with stress. For starters I like to pick at things. I know, I know, not the most admirable quality, but none the less I do. I would workout to get the stress out, but the thing is, I hate to workout. So that does me NO good.

I think I mainly deal with stress through sharing my feelings with loved ones, listening to fabulous uplifting music, dancing with my little dudes, and praying. Oh and then if that doesn't work, I'll peruse through the pineterest"humor" section and funny stuff always makes me smile. Here are some of my current faves, I'm keeping them clean.

Makes me laugh everytime. No idea why.

Gotta Love Betty White. Just looking at her makes me giggle.

Website is dedicated to what celebs would look like if they lived in oklahoma

Makes me feel sooo much better!

Just funny...

(all images via pinterest)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Smooseday

I'm procrastinating in every type of way. I have thank you notes stamped, but not written. I have a to do list not nearly marked off enough. I have jewelry orders to fill, yet I still just sit. Why is it that no matter the age, 17 or 33, procrastination still hangs out. I have laundry that's done, but not folded. Boo.

On another note, the most fantastic thing happened this week. We get to wear jeans to work all stinking week. Why is it that something so little, can make me so very happy. Yeah casual Friday all week! Yippee.

On yet another note, Sam has been extra cranky and his grumpy pants are on for good. No not really, just cutting our last molar. But I miss his happy little man self.

Finally, why is loosing ten pounds so hard? I love, love, love, to eat, drink, and be merry. I hate to work out. Maybe that's why it's so hard to loose weight. Huh. Or maybe I should just be happy with my sweet bod the way it is. That's probably most likely the answer. Who needs to wear swim suits anyway?

Love and kisses, A

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Little B Man is Five

To Our Dearest Little Man:

You are a legit big kid now. You have taught us so much in your five sweet years. Like that you can never have too many cars....there is no such thing. You revile in the fact that you can pick your nose, pee, and fart all at the same time. (Coordinated!) You LOVE me with all that you are. You LOVE our little family. You love to run and play and be crazy and wild. You love to be chased. You are so close to reading I can smell it. You will go and go until you just crash on the sofa with your daddy. You are sensitive and sweet and love pasta. You love some Jesus and learning what that means. You love rules and will make sure everyone else follows them too. You are curious about everything and have quite the vocabulary. You love to play games and beat me. You always do a little dance when you beat me. You love to dance and be silly, but you are starting to learn what it is to be embarassed. So, when I dance in public, you are not such a fan. I of course, think it's funny to embarass you a little :) (What are parents for?)

Thank you Ben for picking me to be your mom. Thank you for being so patient with your sweet ole mom. Thanks for all the sweet memories, laughs, kisses, snuggles, juicy kisses and for just being you.

I love you with all that I am and will ever be,

Love your dear old mom

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gingerbread Villages

We made an entire gingerbread village over the holiday. It was grand. Both my children ate more than they attached to the actual houses. Between our houses falling over, pretending to pick each others noses, and trying to get all the frosting to stick, we had a stinking blast. Ben gets very intense over his decoration and ended up making his house have "snow" which was an entire thing of sprinkles piled up out the front door. He then proceded to eat it regularly throughout the break.

Once the houses were done for, we took them outside for the birds to enjoy. Emma, my parents standard poodle, ended up enjoying them instead. Awesome.

Sailing Away

My sweet parents live on a lake, and have lots of boats. While visiting over the holiday my oldest, Ben, decided it was high time to spend the night on the sailboat. Poppy, my dad, of course says yes! This is a fine idea! I was thinking there is now way they will make it through the night, that they will be inside in a few hours because it was super cold. Boy, was I wrong. Ben was still in his pjs from the night before (hey, its vacation!).

They played go-fish, had a picnic, played the harmonica, and fell asleep. Ben is still talking about it and their next big adventure. I think it will be in my back yard and involve a tent, marshmallows, and his new sleeping bag from Nana. More magical memories to be had!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Poppy's Magic Accordian

My sweet daddio learned some Christmas music on his dandy accordian. My boys loved it! As you can see the fingers were dancing all over the keys. Yes, Sam is half way dressed and Ben stayed in his pjs for an entire day more than once on our trip. It's vacation! We were in my parents closet. For some reason, I always see magic in my parents eyes still. I love how they created for me, and now for my children. I love that they have taught me how to do this too. That is what family is.

Our Tradition

I grew up with loads of traditions as a "Gosschalk" (my maiden name), but now as a "Niedecken" (yes, I know, lots of name action) our little clan has tried to make our own. We try to go down to the river walk every year during Christmas time. This year, to top it off, my brother in law so graciously gave us a free stay at a swanky hotel right on the riverwalk. Yahoo. We ate at some random Mexican place with no wait, but the great news was that I had the absolutely best. fish. tacos. EVER. They were to die for. We had a fabulous time and I always adore a nice hotel. Happy Monday! A

Well Hey There...

I'm finally back to blogland! I've been in the booming metropolis of Longview, TX for over a week with my wee ones living up life at Gigi and Poppy's lake house. My sweet bro and sister in law, Jake and Ryane got to be there too. It was completely over the top awesome and we have had a freaking blast. These sweet pics were taken the day we put the tree up. They make me so very happy...but the sad news is, that we just had to take the tree down and Ben was so very sad about Christmas being over. We were still listening to Christmas music this weekend. I guess it's over. Boo.
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