Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Before Treehouse Lovings

Yesterday when I got home from school, I found my sweet Mr. Niedecken in the stinking rain finishing the tree house. Yes, that's right ya'll....he's all mine! The bummer was that all Ben wanted to do when he got home was to play in his new, fancy, mighty fine tree house. Well, the great news was that the rain didn't stop him. They were both out there in the rain...you know, doing manly things.

All these pics were taken before the tree house was built. Ben would climb up the board and just camp out in the tree with a blanket, snack, toys...you name it. It was pretty grand. But now, we can have a camp out with a sleeping bag in his new handy dandy treehouse. Happy, happy Tuesday everyone! Let your heart shine! A

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