Monday, January 30, 2012

Comparing to Others

So I've been convicted. I think the main reason why I keep thinking about closing out the blog is because I compare. I compared my blog to other ones...and thus myself to other women out there. Why you might ask would I do this to myself? Because I'm crazy like that. It's torture. I should absolutely not do that. But, when I see that only a measly eight people read my blog in a day, I think, man....I'm really not interesting then.

I have since realized that it absolutely doesn't matter. I do not blog full time. I do not have sponsors. I do how ever have a full time job and two little dudes and an outstanding Mr. Niedecken. This is all I can handle. Yes, there are other people that can do it all, and I am not one of them. I seem to have so much grace for others, but none for myself. So, for today, I plan to extend grace to myself. I am enough.

In addition, it has been said lately by a few of my sweet friends that you think I'm supermom. Let me reassure you that I am absolutely not. I hate doing dishes, I have Melly, the most amazing cleaning lady so that I don't have to. I do laundry and don't fold it. Right now there is probably a wet diaper in Sam's room, yesterday's bottle, all beds unmade, and stuff is probably everywhere. I forget things all the time and Ben tells me this. I lost my freaking phone today! Boo. Thus, for all the other sweet ladies out there with the same affliction as me, let's all stop comparing shall we?


  1. Love your post. Keep it real, girl, keep it real. :)

  2. So glad you're keeping the blog. Love checking in on you and your thoughts and happenings. MISS YOU!!!!


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