Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Layered Stress Cake

I don't really have anything fabulous and inspiring to share from over the last few days. But, I'm trying to push through the writers block and keep posting. I'm feeling like a layered cake....each layer is a different stress right now. That on it's own is not really a big deal, but each layer just keeps piling on. Thus...I'm in a particularly awesome mood today (totally sarcastic).

Which got me do I really deal with stress. For starters I like to pick at things. I know, I know, not the most admirable quality, but none the less I do. I would workout to get the stress out, but the thing is, I hate to workout. So that does me NO good.

I think I mainly deal with stress through sharing my feelings with loved ones, listening to fabulous uplifting music, dancing with my little dudes, and praying. Oh and then if that doesn't work, I'll peruse through the pineterest"humor" section and funny stuff always makes me smile. Here are some of my current faves, I'm keeping them clean.

Makes me laugh everytime. No idea why.

Gotta Love Betty White. Just looking at her makes me giggle.

Website is dedicated to what celebs would look like if they lived in oklahoma

Makes me feel sooo much better!

Just funny...

(all images via pinterest)

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  1. we should start going to zummmmbaaaaaaaa, lady!


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