Monday, January 30, 2012

Lost Phone

Well....I think that it is official. I lost my phone this morning. I never thought I would feel so naked without it. I still think it might turn up, I have such faith in humanity, but I'm not naive. All my contacts, pics, videos are gone. Boo hoo hoo. Somehow from the parking lot of my school to my classroom it has vanished. Holy crap. So...if I normally contact you and you read this, will you please email me your contact number.

On another note, John created a fabulous tree house for little Benno! It took him all weekend and it is amazing. I'm always impressed with him for the fact that he can envision something and make it happen. What a stud. I did take bunches of pics with my phone, but, know. I'll have to retake them with an actual camera tonight and show you.

The rest of the weekend was most grand. The little men and I had movie night Friday night, Saturday night was spent celebrating Ms. Kate Kadane's big birthday and last night we got to take some sweet friends dinner. They have a new born, and I already forgot how much I love holding a new born. They are so stinking snuggly! I hope your Monday goes most grand! (and better than mine so far) Love and hugs, A

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