Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sailing Away

My sweet parents live on a lake, and have lots of boats. While visiting over the holiday my oldest, Ben, decided it was high time to spend the night on the sailboat. Poppy, my dad, of course says yes! This is a fine idea! I was thinking there is now way they will make it through the night, that they will be inside in a few hours because it was super cold. Boy, was I wrong. Ben was still in his pjs from the night before (hey, its vacation!).

They played go-fish, had a picnic, played the harmonica, and fell asleep. Ben is still talking about it and their next big adventure. I think it will be in my back yard and involve a tent, marshmallows, and his new sleeping bag from Nana. More magical memories to be had!


  1. what a great memory and adventure for your son and dad! Great pictures too!


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