Monday, January 23, 2012

This Weekend

Gigi came to town this weekend and painted my bedroom for me! Yeah for Gigis! It looks amazing now and just like my style, before it was this drab color of brown. Now it's this soothing blueish shade. She had to prime the whole room too....what an act of love. Thanks mom.

Little Sam has had this narly virus that knocked him completely out so I was no help in the painting department. I of course didn't take before and after pics of the room...I always forget.

On another note, I have been seriously pondering changing the blog over to just jewelry items for sale and/or for orders. When I look at all the beautiful blogs out there....I totally do the unGodly thing of comparing mine to theirs. Mine stinks! I don't always have anything I want to share with the general public. From the few people who actually read this, are there any thoughts about this....or should I just take the plunge and switch? Thanks for the input, A


  1. I love your blog the way it is, personally!!! We get to see glimpses of you! Could you expand your blog to still do the best of both worlds? Add more jewelry and have a section for shopping, but still allow yourself to make fun posts whenever you feel inspired to do so?

    1. Thanks Katie! I might just update the etsy shop. FYI...loved the momastery! You are right! It's awesome! A

  2. Girl- you are crazy! Do not get rid of your blog...add some posts about jewelry, but dont stop the others!! Love you!


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