Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Part of this weekend was spent at the rodeo with the very sweet Kandane family.  Mr. Niedecken scored some pretty fabulous tickets, but at the last minute couldn't go, so Kate, and crew got to join us instead.  It was quite the adventure...two moms and four little men.   It was pretty cold too....we of course dressed the boys warm enough, but we were pretty cold!  Ben wasn't feeling the love for the camera...so in most of his pics he looks kind of angry.   He wasn't though.

Ben's favorite thing by far was the "chickees". Hence, all the pics of them.  That's what he kept wanting me to take pictures of.  I didn't really get any good pictures inside the rodeo because you aren't supposed to take in a camera with a detachable lens (which mine is) so I had to sneak it in.  Rebel I say!  My favorite part was the massively delish corn dogs.  They were truly the best thing EVER.  My other favorite part was when we finally sat down to watch the rodeo, three boys fell asleep and Ben stayed awake.  It was a sight to see.  Mr. Niedecken and Benno are going to the rodeo, just the two of them, very soon!  You should go! 

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  1. Benno can come see our chickens whenever he wants! All those cute baby ckicks make me want more little fluff balls! Too bad they grow super fast and aren't fluff balls for long!


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