Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Good Morning All!  It's F R I D A Y!!  Hip, hip, hurray!  Our few plans for this weekend are the following... 

Make Valentines for both boys classmates.  Like these....

For some odd reason I'm obsessed with the French.   I wondered upon a Wall Street Journal entry the other day of and excerpt of this book...and downloaded to the kindle on my phone.  It's pretty interesting stuff.  I like how they are firm, but loving.  It convicted me to be more firm with Ben and to instill patience in them, instead of just jumping up every time they ask for something. 

We have four stockshow/rodeo tickets, but I'm not sure if that will happen for Mr. Niedecken has some work stuff.  Boo.

Working on shutterfly books for family over the past year.  Shutterfly has really stepped up their website and embellishments.  They have an extra 40% off until next week...let's hope I make it under the wire!

Going to Landa Library with Ben to start reading

I've made these before and loved them, but Sam kept trying to take the animals off and broke one of the canisters.  So, I had to get new canisters, and they haven't been spray painted yet.  Easy peasy weekend project!
What is however in my very near future is a ton of laundry.   What's even more awesome is that yesterday while Mr. N and Ben were wrestling, Ben will laugh so hard that he pukes.  Yes, it is an amazing quality to have.  Well, he puked on my bed.  Holy Crap.  Thus, I have mass quantities of laundry to do.

Reminds me of little Sam's bum bum! 

For Movie night tonight?  Looks stinking delicious...and has sprinkles!  Who doesn't love sprinkles?
Have a grand, fabulous, inspired weekend!  We most definitely will!

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