Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hairy Issues Part 2

What do you do when the person inside of you is screaming and is completely freaking out, but you know the christian and loving thing to do is just love them through it? As you well know, I was super stoked to get a new, fancy, for reals haircut. But, the bummer thing is that my appointment was at 3, and I didn't leave until 5:45. Yes, that's right it took almost three hours.

The most bummerific (that's the word I'll use) is that I lost at least five inches of hair. Oh, but you might ask...."is this what you wanted?" No, heck, no.

The sweet young girl was so kind and looked at the pics I brought (see prior post) and was like, sure that's will look great! An hour into it, I was thinking hmmmm, should I be worried? Two hours in, I was panicy and sitting with a little old lady do. I was really freaking out inside, but trying not to show it. By this point, I missed picking up my little men, and Mr. Niedecken has to sweep in and save the day.

She finally left and got and "educator" and he fixed me all up. I have the haircut I wanted, but much, much shorter than orginally planned. I was trying to grow this junk out! Now, I'm back where I started a freaking year ago. Thus, back to my original question, do you speak up? Do you swallow your opinion? Do you still tip? I still tipped and hugged her because I know she felt really bad. Yes, I know, I'm super nice. What would you do?? Hugs to you...A


  1. Im so sad I did what you did too! I attempted to walk her thru steps closer to my satisfaction but I still left dissatisfied. I tipped and walked away never to return.

  2. I've been there. Horrible feeling!!! Did the same as you. Never returned (obviously). Found a guy I love close to home and haven't strayed from him in 8 years after being scarred from my bad experience!!!


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