Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hairy Issues

Okay ladies....let's talk about some hairy things. I have recently started "box" coloring my hair to save mula. Just to get my hair colored was running me upward of two hundred bones every two months or so. Holy smokes! So...after watching some random chick on you tube, I tried it at home. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous.

But, the great news is I really like being able to color my hair while watching some Bravo and having a cocktail! And the best part......wait for is only $10 bucks! The down side is that it's really hard to get the back of my head and that I don't get to sit somewhere for four hours while someone pampers me. I'll do that for $1200 a year though.

Today I'm FINALLY getting a haircut. I haven't had one since September and I gave myself my last trim in my bathroom. Well, needless to say, I'm stoked! Here are some pics of a few beautiful women's hair that inspires me.
I know that these are not earth shattering issues, but it's what I was thinking of this morning. I'm headed on down to the Aveda Intitute later this afternoon for a cheapo haircut. Hopefully it won't look cheap though. I'll let you know. Hugs, A

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  1. I've heard really good things both about Aveda and Ogle - both of which have decent prices for coloring as well if you do miss the "pampering" aspect - Ogle is like $40 for a color and cut, not bad and way less than $200!


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